End of season
the drau river navigation ends
on september 29th 2019

We say thank you for your loyalty and support and hope to welcome you again aboard the MS Landskron in 2020, when the ship will be sailing the Lake Ossiach.

Check out the ship rides on lake Ossiach!

Of to new shores

Starting in spring 2020, the MS Landskron will sail the lake Ossiach, which is only 5km from Villach.

There, the ship can live up to its potential and will support the MS Ossiach in the liner traffic as well as with charter cruises.

Together both ships will not only strengthen the liner traffic during the busy summer season: In Spring and autumn, the ships will double the possibilies for charter cruises for both private and corporate customers. 

A new navigational concept for the river Dra in Villach is in the making.

The demands on the navigation on in and around the Drau city have changed during the past few years.  The new concept will take those changes into account. 

Until then, there's still a lot of work to be done, though. 2020 is yet unlikely to see a new ship on the river in Villach.

But there's definitely a lot to look forward to.

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